Alicante Provenzal Seasoning Without TACC, 25 g / 0.88 oz

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Alicante Provençal Seasoning Without TACC

Use it to:

Red and white meats, fish, seafood, vegetables, fillings, pasta and breads. It is the ideal mixture to give a different spin to your meals or to prepare dishes as classic as some Milanese or potato salad. The two ingredients complement each other perfectly, offering a herbal flavor but with a spicy and aromatic touch. Always use them from the beginning so you give them time to hydrate well and the flavors come together. Encourage to mix them with very soft butter to make a herb butter, try them in the purees or you can also heat two tablespoons of Provençal with a cup of sunflower oil and make a flavored oil to accompany fish, meat and vegetables. Recommended amount: 1 tablespoon.